I have been making high quality slime for over a year! Check out my Instagram @peachyslimebakery if you're interested in watching some videos first!

Slime is a fun homemade craft designed to help with stress, anxiety, or to play with. It is super fun to stretch, poke, and can also be used to clean items such as keyboards and other hard to reach places! Slime is very satisfying for some people while it's just fun and good to waste time for others! Slime isn't toxic to touch and you can play with it a lot and it will last nearly forever.
I am a very experienced seller who has been selling since 2014. I used to sell kawaii items such as squishies but I currently stopped collecting. I transitioned from squishies to slime. I started my instagram on 5/21/16 and started selling slime in June on Mercari. I launched my website in July and have been selling over 4000 slimes altogether! I try very hard to satisfy my customers and I work very hard to perfect my business. I do know what it feels like to be a customer yet to be a seller. I hope you will enjoy shopping at Peachy Slime Bakery! :) Thank you for visiting!
Please note that you must be 18+ years to order or have parent's permission to order. Do not consume slime.

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